Innowacyjność i Wydajność w Jednym Miejscu

At Kroexpert, we know that the quality of our products depends not only on tailoring skills, but also on the advanced equipment we use. Our passion for perfection is not limited only to handicraft work, but also includes investments in modern machinery that allows us to achieve the highest quality and efficiency.

Our equipment is not only a work tool for us, but a real partner in creating unique textile products. Therefore, our machinery is constantly serviced and modernized. We cooperate with an experienced mechanic who ensures that our machines are fully functional and operate at maximum efficiency.

Park Maszynowy w Kroexpert:

In our machine park There is a wide range of equipment that allows us to flexibly adapt to various production needs. Here are some of the machines you will find in our cutting room:

Lockstitch machines

Used for even, precise stitches.

Overlocki 4-nitkowy

They function to connect the material with a strong seam. Perfect for hemming edges and preventing fabric from fraying.

Two-needle renders

They are used for impersonation. They are used to make decorative stitches and embellishments.


Used for even, precise stitches.


For strong and durable joining of materials.


Przyszywają guziki do odzieży (bez nap)

Hole punching machines

Wykonują otwory i dziurki w materiałach.


They help in precise hemming and finishing of edges.

Klejarki Taśmowe

Wykorzystywane do podklejania materiału aby był sztywniejszy i lepiej się układał.

Noże taśmowe

Precyzyjnie wycinają materiały tekstylne.

Vertical Knives, Disc Knives

They enable precise cutting of materials.

Industrial ironers and irons

Dla wykańczania produktów, zapewniając doskonały wygląd.

Our machinery is not only work tools, it is technology that supports our passion and creativity. Thanks to modern equipment, we are able to meet even the most demanding customer expectations and provide products of the highest quality.

If you have any questions about our machinery or need details about our production capacity, please contact us. We are ready to cooperate and create unique textile solutions.

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