About company
Kroexpert is a company that was born from the passion and tradition of family tailoring. Our history goes back over 10 years, when three friends decided to combine their skills and develop a tailoring company together. Our headquarters is located in the heart of Łódź, a place with deep tailoring roots.
A unique textile sewing room
In the heart of Łódź, a city with a great tradition of tailoring, our passion and company - Kroexpert - were born. For over 10 years, we have wanted to provide our customers with unique textile products of unique style and the highest quality. Our sewing room with modern machinery is a place where creativity combines with craftsmanship, creating unique works of art in the form of clothing and textile products.
Cutting room
Our cutting room is a treasure trove of skills where we make sure that each project is perfectly prepared for sewing. Our mission is to provide our clients with precisely prepared cutting dies that constitute solid foundations for the production of clothing and textile products. We understand that the quality of the pattern is crucial for the final product, which is why we treat each of our projects with the utmost care and commitment.
machine park
At Kroexpert, we know that the quality of our products depends not only on tailoring skills, but also on the advanced equipment we use. Our passion for perfection is not limited only to handicraft work, but also includes investments in modern machinery that allows us to achieve the highest quality and efficiency.

Why us?